Aviral Dubey

Introducing Aviral Dubey, a young and ambitious entrepreneur and esteemed member of the Board Advisory, headquartered in Dallas, TX. With a forward-thinking approach, Aviral has been pivotal in steering Coffea’s growth, offering a distinctive perspective on business problem-solving. Leveraging a rich background as an Oracle Consultant, they specialize in guiding businesses through the transformation from legacy systems to the Cloud.

Aviral Dubey possesses a unique skill set, demonstrating a keen understanding of business intricacies and effectively addressing specific requirements in the new cloud-based system. This adaptability showcases their ability to navigate and optimize the dynamic landscape of modern business technologies. Combined with their extensive proficiency in Supply Chain, Aviral brings forth inventive solutions and a fresh outlook on challenges.

Having successfully optimized operations for life science companies in the Bay Area, San Francisco, Aviral’s recommendations and strategies have resulted in substantial cost reductions. As a valued contributor to Coffea’s Board Advisory, they continue to provide strategic insights, making an invaluable impact on the company’s trajectory.