Prakshal Jain

Prakshal Jain, Phd Economics, IIM Indore
Passionate palate, Analytical mind & Strategic expertise

With a fork in one hand and a financial spreadsheet in the other, Prakshal navigates the delicious world of food branding. He brings together his passion for food and knowledge of economics & finance to develop data-driven plans that include flavours and an obsession with staying up to date with culinary trends. More than just crunching numbers, he leverages a unique blend of economic expertise and industry insight to navigate the ever-evolving food landscape, translating market insights into mouthwatering strategies for brand building, expansion, and financial success.
His research-driven approach helps understand customer demands effectively and creates campaigns and goods that win over hearts and taste buds. With a strong academic background in economics and finance, he brings a data-driven and analytical approach to brand-building, market analysis, and financial planning.
A seasoned strategist with a proven track record, Prakshal is more than just an advisor; they’re a partner in shaping the future of the food industry, one delicious bite at a time.